Tuesday, January 10, 2012

George and Edith's Wedding Day

George William Cook and Edith Vera Burnham.

Francis Roy Cook, bestman.

Elsie Burnham, bridesmaid.

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George William Cook Wedding Day

George William Cook married Edith Vera Burnham

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George William Cook with friend Frank Foxcroft

George is seated.

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George William Cook army service World War 1

I believe this photo was taken of George in Europe, possibily in Belgium.

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George William Cook army enlistment World War 1

This photo was taken of George prior to his embarkment for service in World War 1.

The following information was found on the 1st World War Embarkation Roll Introduction:-

George's War Service No. was 53349 and his rank was Private.

George's Roll Title was indicated as 1 to 8 (Qld) Reinforcements (May - November 1918).

George embarked on 8th May, 1918 from Sydney, Australia on the ship, RMS Osterley.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

George William Cook with brother Roy and sister Winifred

George holding Winifred, Roy sitting.

The engine that Roy is holding was made by his father, William Joseph Cook.

The backdrop in the photo was painted by their father, William Joseph Cook.

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George William Cook's house in Cairns, Qld C1908

George William Cook lived in this house in Cairns with his father, William Joseph Cook, his mother, Eleanor(nee Bashford)Cook, his brother Francis Roy Cook (known as Roy) and his baby sister Winifred Ina Cook.
The family is pictured on the front verandah.
Roy on the landing, George on the steps.

According to information supplied by Winifred Cook, the house was in Bunda Street, Cairns. At the time of the photo, it was the only house in the street. Some years after the Cook family left Cairns, the house was destroyed by a tropical cyclone.

Winifred said the house was made entirely of Silky Oak right down to the toilet seat.

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